The Shortcut to Purpose

The book by Sokanu

A No-Fluff Guide to Choosing the Right Career

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Advice for Students
  3. Chapter 2: Start Thinking Early
  4. Chapter 3: Who Am I As a Person?
  5. Chapter 4: What Type of Environment Do I See Myself In?
  6. Chapter 5: What Does Success Look Like To Me?
  7. Chapter 6: Don’t Let Others Define Your Success
  8. Chapter 7: What Are My Core Values?
  9. Chapter 8: How Do I Define My Core Values?
  10. Chapter 9: Slaying The Fear Of Failure
  11. Chapter 10: What Will My ‘Word’ Be?
  12. Chapter 11: What Will My Legacy Be?
  13. Chapter 12: Don’t Get Too Comfortable
  14. Conclusion

Chapter 1: Advice for Students

There is a time in high school when students start to seriously think about choosing a career path. Of course, there are always individuals that, from very early on, are drawn toward a specific calling and will never know the struggle of deciding what to focus on in life. However, choosing a career path and making a definitive decision places an immense amount of pressure on the majority of young students.

What you want to be when you grow up requires some serious thought. The pressure to get decent grades – and the fact that grades

heavily influence what one can and cannot - results in many students making scattered, hurried, and uneducated decisions.

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About the Book

Finding the right career is the most important investment of our time and effort, next to our relationships with family and friends. It's essential that all human beings find a meaningful way to contribute to this world in order to achieve a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Choosing the right career is a big part of this equation.

What you will learn

Discover Your Own Definition of Success

Identify goals and definitions of success that are true to you instead of ones you have inherited from your family and society.

Understand What You Value

Have a clear understanding of what your core values are in order to carve out a meaningful and fulfilled career and life.

Become Aware Of Your True Potential

Discover a clarity of purpose and direction in order to unveil your true potential.

What people are saying

The book was really easy to follow and gave a fresh perspective on choosing a career based on who you are as a person. Wish I had had this when I was in high school!
Ashley B.
I truly enjoyed reading this book! It has an easy style but is filled with wisdom on how to find success and happiness through your career. It sets the reader on a path of both action and introspection. I can think of so many students who would benefit from this read!
Dori F.
The book is very readable; it is not in any way pretentious. It offers a simple, practical foundation from which readers can begin connecting or reconnecting with their intrinsic selves to find their contribution to the world.
Peter T.